Small Business Retirement Plans

Starting a retirement savings plan can be easier and simpler than most small business owners think. Small businesses have the challenge of keeping their employees working for them since, generally speaking, small businesses offer a slightly lower pay. One way to keep employees working for you is by offering them a retirement plan. If you […]

Choosing the Best Small Business Health Insurance

It is important to choose a health insurance policy that will best fit the needs of your business and your employees. Small businesses have been growing in popularity in the past years. Having a small business allows you to have your own say in things because in the small business, you are your own boss. […]

Creating an Employee Benefits Package for Your Small Business

One of the best ways to attract and keep the best employees is to offer a competitive and generous employee benefits package. Small businesses are becoming more and more popular for people who are looking for new ways to earn. Sometimes, people get tired of their 9-5 jobs and decide to become their own boss […]

Are Small Businesses Required to Provide Healthcare for Employees?

Are you considering putting up your own small business. One of the things you must consider is your obligation to your prospective employees. Many people have opted to leave their jobs and establish small businesses, or have small businesses while having day time jobs. As a very flexible way of earning more income, small businesses […]

Defining Small Business

What is a small business? Learn about how a small business is identified in the industry. Nowadays, people are continuously searching for ways to earn money to help them improve their financial situation. Especially for those with financial problems, other sources of income are very welcome and are explored. Many people, not only those who […]